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Art Hotel Aomori

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Art Hotel Aomori


  • Approximately 3 minutes by taxi or 15 minutes on foot from JR Aomori Station
  • Approximately 15 minutes by taxi from Shin-Aomori Station
  • Approximately 30 minutes by taxi from Aomori Airport
  • Approximately 15 minutes by car from the Aomori Chuo Interchange
Art Hotel Aomori

The enormous "Nebuta‶ located in the atrium of the first floor lobby is both dynamic and stunning: an art hotel where the traditional culture of Aomori can be felt at every turn. We have many rooms, recently increasing our number of remodeled twin-sized rooms. Whether you are in on business, leisure, or for any other situation, our hotel is the ideal choice. Additionally, in spring 2020 our banquet hall will be remodeled into conference rooms of various sizes. They provide the perfect space for meetings, workshops, and any other events or celebrations.

Guest CapacityNumber of RoomsStandard Semi-double RoomsStandard Double RoomsQueen RoomsTwin RoomsFour Bedded Rooms

Support for convention organizers

Information for Convention Organizers
Reservations of confrence rooms are accepted until two days before the date of use.
Times Available for Use
9:00am-9:00pm (consultation required for use outside these hours)
How to Apply
phone, fax, or e-mail
Conference rooms are closed for the end-of-year period. Accommodation is available throughout the year.
Available (Wi-Fi complete)
Conference room nameArea(m²)Capacity by Seating ArrangementCost per hour (including tax)Notes
School ArrangementTheater ArrangementSquare Arrangement
Conference Room Kogyoku I38m²24202012,000 yenConference Room Kogyoku I can be connected with Conference Room Kogyoku II in the event that additional space is requested.
Conference Room KogyokuⅡ38m²24202012,000 yen
Conference Rooms KogyokuⅠand Kogyoku Ⅱ(Joined)76m²48404024,000 yen-
Conference Room MutsuⅠ83m²48505024,000 yenConference Room Mutsu I can be connected with Conference Room Mutsu II in the event that additional space is requested.
Conference Room Mutsu Ⅱ83m²48505024,000 yen
Conference Rooms MutsuⅠ and Mutsu Ⅱ(Joined)166m²10810010042,000 yen-
Conference Room Kinsei42m²--1612,000 yen-
Conference Room Orin37m²--1212,000 yen-

Additional FacilitiesJapanese restaurant "Nagomi‶
Buffet-style restaurant "Aomori Bold Kitchen‶
EquipmentAdditional Charge Required : projector, DVD player, TV monitor, projector screen
Free : microphone
Equipment for Persons with Physical Disabilities
elevator, multipurpose toilet, wheelchair
Parking Lot
72 cars/4 large-sized buses
Parking Fees
Staying Guests: regular car 700 yen per night
/large-sized bus 3,000 yen per night