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ASPAM ( Aomori Prefecture Tourist Center )

  • Restaurant


  • 8-minute walk from JR Aomori Station
  • 10 minutes by taxi from JR Shin-Aomori Station
  • 40 minutes by taxi from Aomori Airport
  • 20 minutes by car from Aomori Chuo Interchange

The 15-story, 76-meter-high equilateral triangular building of ASPAM was designed to resemble the first letter “A” of “Aomori.” In addition to one of the prefecture’ s largest shops selling its specialties, a panoramic movie theater, and an observatory, the tourist center boasts a full array of facilities, including a restaurant with a panoramic view and one that offers local cuisine.

Events held at the facilities in the past

May 15, 2010
242nd Tohoku Regional Meeting of the Japanese Urological Association (185 persons)
September 26, 2011 July 4-5, 2012
The 25th Convention of Japan Older Persons in Aomori (408 persons) FY2012 Tohoku Branch Meeting of the Japanese Society of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition
October 26, 2012
Meeting of the Board of Directors for the 65th National Meeting of the Japan Society for Information and Management (21 persons)
June 14-15, 2013
Aomori Session of the 40th National Meeting on Medical Research (100 persons)
August 30-31, 2013
97th Tohoku Regional Meeting of the Japanese Respiratory Society (155 persons)
September 1, 2013
3rd Annual Conference of the Japan Primary Care Association Sessions of the Academic Meeting of the Tohoku Chapter (320 persons)
September 14, 2013
166th Tohoku Meeting of Surgeons
September 14, 2013
92nd Tohoku Regional Meeting of the Japanese Association for Thoracic Surgery
September 14, 2013
81st Tohoku Regional Meeting of the Japanese Society of Pediatric Surgeons
September 14, 2013
Tohoku Regional Meeting of the Japanese Society for Vascular Surgery

Support for convention organizers

Application start date
Six months prior to the day of use, on the first day of the month
Available for use
9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
December 31
Monday to Wednesday in the fourth week of January
Application method
By phone or fax
Conference room nameArea(m²)CapacityUse feeRemarks
School arrangement(three persons per desk) School arrangement(two persons per desk)
Event Hall, 1F300m²--108,000yenEvent space
Aoi Mori Hall, 2F300m²--* Consultation requiredEvent space
Towada, 4F190m²1449634,560yen
Oirase, 4F150m²1087223,900yen
Asunaro, 5F195m²15610435,590yen
Hakucho, 5F145m²966423,900yen
Natsudomari, 5F30m²18128,230yen
Hakkoda, 6F168m²1208024,950yen
Iwaki, 6F120m²724821,600yen
Hamanasu, 7F40m²241611,330yen
Shirakami, 8F120m²604021,600yen
Tsugaru, 9F104m²604019,540yen
Nambu, 9F80m²483217,490yen

* fees for use from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Incidental facilitiesRestaurants: Lounge Century at ASPAM (1F), Local cuisine Michinoku Restaurant Nishimura (10F), and Dining Café Hanaaf (14F)
equipmentAcoustic systems, screens, projectors, hanging signboards, etc.
Equipment for persons with physical disabilities
Toilets with handrails, elevators
Parking lot
150 passenger cars and 12 buses
Parking fees
220 yen for the first one hour plus 110 yen for each additional 30 minutes
Parking time
Open 24 hours a day (9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. for buses)
Arrangements for receptions
Restaurants on 10F and 14F provide catering services.