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Link Station Hall Aomori ( Aomori City Cultural Hall )

Link Station Hall Aomori


  • 10 minutes by taxi or bus from JR Aomori Station
  • 20 minutes by taxi from JR Shin-Aomori Station
  • 40 minutes by taxi from Aomori Airport
  • 20 minutes by car from Aomori Chuo Interchange
Link Station Hall Aomori

Link Station Hall Aomori (Aomori City Cultural Hall) was built to allow citizens to appreciate cultural and artistic activities and hold events such as promotions, lectures, and conferences.

It is used to serve a wide range of purposes from appreciation of Japanese and overseas art to domestic and international conventions.

Events held at Link Station Hall Aomori in the past

May 21-23, 2014:
The 42nd Annual Meeting of Japanese Society for Vascular Surgery Working together for vascular surgery---Passion, experience, and evidence---
1,500 persons
August 9-11, 2014:
The 11th Annual Meeting of the Particle Accelerator Society of Japan
800 persons
September 3-5, 2014:
The 52nd National Research Meeting of Personnel Related to the Welfare of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities in Aomori
4,000 persons
October 15-17, 2014:
The 55th Regular Meeting of the National Federation of Construction Workers’ Unions
3,000 persons
October 2-4, 2015:
The 34th Annual Meeting of Japan Society for Dementia Research ---Future outlook for Alzheimer’s disease---
1,500 persons
October 6, 2015:
The 66th Meeting of the National Association of Shinto Women’ s Groups in Aomori
1,200 persons
November 14-16, 2015:
The 52nd Meeting of Advocates of Protection of the Constitution
2,500 persons
November 26-27, 2015:
The 23rd National Commercial Research Presentation Meeting for High School Students 2015
3,500 persons

Support for convention organizers

Application period
From 12 months to seven days prior to the day of convention
Available for use
9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Application method
Applications for use should be brought directly to the office or sent by fax.
The third Monday of each month(if the Monday falls on a national holiday , it will be closed on the following day) and year-end New Year holidays (December 29 to January 3)
Conference room nameArea (m²)CapacityUsage fees(weekday)Remarks
School arrangementTheater arrangement
Large Hall2,520 m²2,031--102,570 yen
Large Conference Room648 m²-30655031,380 yen(If partitioned into two rooms) 15,690 yen per room
Medium-sized Conference Room393 m²-23438019,130 yen(If partitioned into two rooms) 9,565 yen per room
Small Conference Room (1)137 m²-721006,530 yen
Small Conference Room (2)65 m²20* Square arrangement3,320 yen
Small Conference Room (3)90 m²24* Circular arrangement (Seats are not removable)4,430 yen
Small Conference Room (4)137 m²-721006,530 yen(If partitioned into two rooms) 3,265 yen per room
Reception Room79 m²10* A set of reception room furniture is available.7,270 yen
Japanese-style room263 m²110* The Japanese-style room 99 tatami mats12,710 yen
Tea House38 m²10* The tea house has an adjacent 8-tatami utensil washing room.1,830 yen
Exhibition Room228 m²50--11,660 yen 3,880 yenIf goods are sold If goods are not sold

* The use fees are estimated basic ones for weekdays (from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.).

Incidental facilitiesOrganizers’ waiting rooms, dressing rooms, rehearsal rooms, foyers, etc.
equipmentmicrophones(wireless and wired) , standing screens, DVD players, etc.
Equipment for persons with physical disabilities
Lavatories with handrails, slopes, and elevators
Parking lot
114 passenger cars
Parking time
8:00a.m. to 10:30p.m.
Parking fees
210 yen for the first hour and 100 yen for every additional 30 minutes Nighttime fee: 630 yen (10:30 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. on the following morning)