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For Your Attention

Aomori City Meeting and Events Grant System will help you make your ideal employee training or incentive travel into a reality.

Who May Apply:

Private companies or organizations OUTSIDE Aomori Prefecture

Expenses eligible for funding include:

  • Meetings, such as training for employees
  • Incentive travel: business-related travel designed to provide motivation or incentives to businesspeople.


Accomodation during your stay must be in Aomori city. There must be a minimum of 10 participants. For more details please contact us (see below for contact details).

Expenses covered:

facility rental; printing and binding; travel; honorariums; communication,
supplies; Preparation costs for hosting events are included

Amount granted:

Total nights' worth of business in Aomori city (provided by participants from outside the prefecture) x 2000 yen

*nights' worth of business = number of people x number of nights, eg. 50people x 2 nights
= 100nights' worth of business
*The maximum grant amount is 100,000yen*

If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us at:

Tourist Promotion Team, Domestic and International Relations Section, Economic Department, Aomori City Hall, 〒030-8555 1-22-5 Chuo, Aomori City, Japan